Part of my experimentation with collageing multiple watercolor elements into one single image to explore poetry and composition.
Collaged watercolor painting of chinese man in traditional hanfu garb drinking wine with geometric panels, dogwood berries, and yellow chrysanthemum blossoms in the background.
Dogwood Branches on Double Ninth - digitally collaged watercolor
Based on Classical Chinese poem by 8th century poet Wang wei 
九月九日憶山東兄弟 - 王维
Alone, a stranger in a foreign land,
I doubly pine for kinsfolk on this holiday.
When brothers climb mountains, dogwood sprig in hand,
All of them a branch, yet mine so far away.

Note: Double Ninth is an old holiday where families hike, drink chamomile wine, and wear a sprig of dogwood to celebrate family and to love and respect the elderly in ones home. 
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